Ovarian Cancer Australia was founded by people directly affected by ovarian cancer who wanted to raise awareness of the disease and support those who had been affected.

This group included Nicole Livingstone OAM and her sister Karen Livingstone who lost their mother and aunt to the disease; Simon Lee, whose wife Sheila had been the first Australian ovarian cancer campaigner prior to her death in 2001; actress and comedian Lynda Gibson who was diagnosed in 2000 and subsequently lost her battle in 2004.

Over time, Ovarian Cancer Australia has built on its founders’ aspirations to become a leading national body taking action for Australians affected by ovarian cancer.

Our vision is to save lives and ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone. 

We are proud to work on behalf of our community to ensure:

  • Women living with ovarian cancer have a strong, united voice
  • Every Australian knows the symptoms and risks of ovarian cancer
  • All women with ovarian cancer have access to best practice diagnosis, treatment, information and support
  • A vibrant and growing national ovarian cancer research effort in Australia informs practice and translates into improved quality of life and survival for women

Our Strategic Plan

Click here to view our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

World Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Ovarian Cancer Australia is a key part of an international alliance of ovarian cancer organisations who work to raise awareness of ovarian cancer on a global scale including:

Ovarian Cancer Australia has DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) and ITEC (Income Tax Exempt Charity) status to operate in Australia, ABN 76 097 394 593 and ACN 097 394 593