Professor David Bowtell

Head, Cancer Genomics and Genetics, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

Professor David Bowtell was Director of Research at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, from 2000-2010.

He has recently returned to full-time research to lead the ovarian cancer arm of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) $27 million involvement in the International Cancer Genomics Consortium, a world-wide effort aimed at mapping all the significant mutations in common cancers.

Professor Bowtell heads the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, a nationally collaborative project involving over 2000 women with ovarian cancer and one of the largest cohort studies of ovarian cancer in the world. He is a molecular biologist and his lab focuses on the genomic analysis of ovarian cancer, with a focus on primary and acquired drug resistance. Professor Bowtell’s lab is also funded from Cancer Australia and the US DoD to investigate high-risk BRCA mutations in women with ovarian cancer.