Kerry Vincent

Kerry Vincent is a judge on the Nine Network’s Great Australian Bake-Off and is known for revolutionising the wedding cake industry in the USA.  Nicknamed the “Queen of Cake” in her role as judge on American television. Kerry truly creates cakes that must be seen to be believed!

Kerry, founder of the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition and co-founder of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, grew up on a farm in Western Australia and won her first Country Women’s Association baking competition at the age of eight. Forty years ago she met then married an American engineer in London. She moved to and lived in many different countries including Holland, Singapore, Switzerland and Mexico to mention a few before finally residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she brought her Aussie baking flair and exquisite sugar artistry to the world of American cakes. She has a global reach and has been awarded the International Cake Exploration Hall of Fame 2004 and in 2010 the Dessert Professional Hall of Fame.

Now retired, her husband Doug is the founder of Angel Flight and stays busy flying patients in need to medical destinations across the United States. Eighty per cent of the patients transported suffer from some form of cancer.

In 2014, Kerry came on board as an ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Kerry explains: “My mother was one of the earliest patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, in 1979. Her battle was tough. Much of her life was taken up with medical tests and appointments but she never complained. When I lamented the cards she had been dealt, she always replied, ‘Well, this life is the only life I have so I must make the best of it.’

“Now, in my mother’s name as well as my own, I want to pick up my teal cup and encourage everyone across Australia to raise funds for research and a cure. Sadly, I know more people with cancer than the common cold. This scourge must be contained and eradicated.”