Ovarian Cancer Australia participates in a number of alliances and committees, in Australia and internationally, working with other organisations to improve outcomes for patients, whether it be increasing access to travel subsidies or to cancer drugs – we act to promote the interests of women with ovarian cancer.  World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD) http://ovariancancerday.org/

The first World Ovarian Cancer Day took place May 8th, 2013. It is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about ovarian cancer, the women’s cancer with the lowest survival rate for which there is little awareness and no cure. On this day, ovarian cancer awareness organisations from across the world worked together with a singular focus and message for ovarian cancer and its symptoms. World Ovarian Cancer Day takes place on May 8th each year.

Cancer Drugs Alliance (CDA) 

CDA is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder organisation committed to achieving the best outcomes for Australian cancer patients. Membership of the CDA is comprised of individuals and organisations, including practising oncologists, haematologists, representatives from cancer patient support and advocacy groups, and pharmaceutical companies currently providing cancer treatments to the Australian community. The members hold the strong view that only by bringing together the expertise of those engaged in cancer care, treatment and support, will we achieve the shared goal of world’s best practice in cancer care and treatment in Australia. Since Aug 2015, Ovarian Cancer Australia’s Director, Research and Advocacy, Dr Katherine Nielsen, has been a board member.

Lymphoedema Action Alliance (LAA) 

The LAA is focused on reducing the unnecessary burden for people living with lymphoedema. Over 20 organisations have joined together to be a more effective voice for improvements in treatment for lymphoedema. The Alliance is working to ensure timely access to affordable lymphoedema services and compression garments regardless of where people live, their financial status and their health situation.

Lymphoedema of the lower limbs affects up to 20% of women with ovarian cancer, is preventable and better managed if detected early. If left untreated, lymphoedema becomes a lifelong condition, requiring extended hospital stays and increased risk of serious infections such as cellulitis.

Victorian Patient Travel Access Scheme (VPTAS) Alliance

Led by Cancer Council Victoria, VPTAS alliance comprises over 30 leading community and health organisations focused on improving the VPTAS scheme to increase travel subsidies and accommodation rebates to Victorian patients who have to travel for medical treatment.

Australian Cancer Consumer Network (ACCN) 

Led by Cancer Voices Australia, the ACCN brings cancer consumer groups together to share information, experiences and issues. It currently numbers close to 30 groups and rising, covering many specific cancers and some generic cancer groups.

NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation’s (ACI) Gynaecology Oncology Network 

The ACI Gynaecology Oncology Network was established in 2002, led by a committee with broad representation. The network strives for high quality gynaecological cancer care for women and to improve access to comprehensive gynaecological cancer services across NSW.

Australia and New Zealand Gynaecology Oncology Group (ANZGOG) 

ANZGOG is the gynaecological cancer clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand and has implemented 16 trials across more than 51 hospitals. OCA holds consumer membership with ANZGOG and supports the work they do for enabling access to clinical trials in Australia.

Cancer Australia 

For several years, at least one OCA consumer member has been included on Cancer Australia’s Gynaecological Cancer Advisory Group and during 2015 OCA provided significant input into the national gynaecological cancer framework under development by Cancer Australia.