Ovarian Cancer Australia acknowledges the significant effect of a cancer diagnosis on the psychological and emotional wellbeing of women and their supporters. We are proud to work with the teams below to further support this important body of research.

For more information on these projects or psycho social research and ovarian cancer in general please email Hayley Russell, Support Coordinator at support@ovariancancer.net.au

  • Psychosocial Research Priorities in Ovarian Cancer; A Delphi Study, Professor Louise Sharpe, Estelle Goarin, Jit Hui Tan and Poorva Pradhan, University of Sydney.
  • Do Symptoms and Their Interpretation affect women’s response to a OC Resource?
  • Qualitative Needs Analysis of OCA’s 2017 Consumer Survey.
  • Unmet Needs of Women with Ovarian Cancer, Dr Michelle Peate, Dr Jen Marino & Maree Pasvanis, University of Melbourne.
  • Sexuality, Intimacy, and Quality of Life in women with ovarian cancer and their partners, Dr Lesley Stafford, Elizabeth Knoetze, Victoria Wilson, University of Melbourne and The Royal Women’s Hospital.
  • iConquer Fear: Adaptation of an evidence-based face-to-face treatment for fear of cancer recurrence to an online self-management intervention and evaluation of its usability, Dr Ben Smith and colleagues, Centre for Oncology Education and Research Translation (CONCERT), Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research.
  • ConquerFear Advanced: A randomized control trial to reduce fear of cancer recurrence in patients with advanced disease, Professor Louise Sharpe, University of Sydney.
  • The men’s needs study: Exploring the wellbeing of men caring for women with ovarian cancer, Dr Janelle Levesque, University of New South Wales.