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Immunotherapy as an Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Dr Tarek Meniawy, Medical Oncologist & Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of WA

There’s a new weapon in the fight against cancer and it comes from your own body. Immunotherapy is treatment that uses a person’s own immune system to destroy or slow the growth and spread of cancer cells.  In this presentation Dr Meniawy presents the current evidence for immunotherapy for ovarian cancer, how its use is being optimised through current and future clinical trials and combining immunotherapy with other anti-cancer treatments and personalised medicine to improve outcomes (21.00 mins)

The Survivors Teaching Students Program

Bronwyn Grout, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Bronwyn speaks about ANZGOG’s recently launched “Survivors Teaching Students” Program and her own personal experience as a 9 year, stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor and her subsequent participation in the US Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance Survivors Teaching Students program (8.41 mins).

Personal experience of living with Ovarian Cancer and participating in a clinical trial

Emma Burt, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Emma was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015 at the age of 32. Following initial surgery and chemotherapy Emma began participating in a clinical trial. She generously shares her experience in this presentation (13.38 mins).

Clinical Trials and Finding New Cancer Treatments

Dr Yoland Antill, Medical Oncologist and Cancer Genetics specialist, Cabrini Health

Dr Antill provides insights into how clinical trials come about from concept to funding, how they are designed and the different types of trials, what’s involved in participating in a clinical trial, what we can learn from them and where to go to find out more (20.45 mins).

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