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Many women find that one of the most challenging aspects of a cancer diagnosis is finding someone to talk to who can understand firsthand what it is they are going through. We hope you will be able to find these connections within the Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect Forum.

Here you will find a space that is informative, non-judgemental and above all supportive to your needs. By browsing the special interest groups and choosing the ones which are relevant to you, you can choose what information you would like to see. Engage as much or as little as you are comfortable with and opt in and out of groups at any time simply by updating your profile. The forum is supported by Online Community Leaders who are either women with ovarian cancer or a person who has someone very close to them experiencing an ovarian cancer diagnosis. There is no better place than here to feel like part of a community that understands YOU.

“They understood what I was going through, acted as a network for further information, gave me a new way to think about issues, cheered my successes and held my hand when I was down.”


“Online support forums provide women with ovarian cancer the opporutnity to share their experiences, receive emotional support and be informed”


“Many women feel they need to talk to someone who really understands their situation and “speaks the same language”; online support can provide you with this”


“You will be amazed how knowing you are not alone on your journey can help make you feel stronger”



The valuable information on the forum is available to the public however a username and password is required to create a post. If you choose you can select a username and profile picture which does not identify you. You can also choose to publish “Private” posts which are only visible to registered forum users. Please take a look at our Community Rules; we hope these will help to make Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect a safe space for everyone involved.


Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect is a resource for women with an ovarian cancer diagnosis and their loved ones. Any details provided for the purposes of Registration will be kept securely and our Community Rules encourage respect for the privacy of others.

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Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect is designed to be simple and straightforward to join and use. If you have any technical issues please don’t hesitate to contact us via email.


Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect is a monitored forum. Inappropriate content can be reported as offensive by users and will be removed immediately.

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Please don’t hesitate to provide your valuable insights and experiences – it is likely that someone will find it useful and relevant to them. Our community will be built on your thoughtful participation!

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