We are grateful to the many corporations, businesses and employees who choose Ovarian Cancer Australia for their workplace giving campaigns. Our workplace giving program allows you to support people affected by ovarian cancer through making a regular, tax deductible donation to Ovarian Cancer Australia through your employer’s payroll system.

Because the donation is made from your pre-tax pay, you receive the immediate tax benefit at the time your donation is made, rather than waiting until your tax return.

Like other regular forms of giving, payroll giving helps us to plan confidently and budget more effectively for ongoing programs – meaning that we are able to make the best possible use of your ongoing gift.

Many workplaces also have matched giving programs, where your employer matches what you donate. This is also a cost and tax-effective way of giving for workplaces.

Please contact Charity Aid Foundation on 02 9929 9633 for more information on getting started. You can also ask about matched giving programs.