The past 12 months have been a year of tremendous accomplishment: 

In April, the Federal Government announced $20m funding towards ovarian cancer prevention, early detection and treatments as part of the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020-2030. Ovarian Cancer Australia played a critical role in participating in the strategy and gaining consumer support. The funding will attract more researchers into the field of ovarian cancer and help Australia to remain a world leader in the field of ovarian cancer research and to play a global role in saving lives. While prostate and breast cancer survival rates have improved over the past decade, this announcement will assist efforts to achieve similar outcomes for ovarian cancer. Ovarian Cancer Australia would like to thank the Minister for Health, the Hon. Greg Hunt.

A further $15 million has been secured for reproductive cancer clinical trials.

As a result of Ovarian Cancer Australia’s persuasive lobbying, the government announced $1.6 million funding over two years to provide better access to psychosocial support for women with ovarian cancer. We are now able to increase support to women living in rural and regional areas and introduce a case management model of support. Highly cost-effective, it will be delivered by telephone and Skype, with capacity to support more than 400 women with more complex needs living with ovarian cancer. Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet a person’s holistic needs.  It is the coordination of services on behalf of an individual in health care, nursing, rehabilitation or social work addressing issues in the domains of psychological, physical, sexuality and healthcare system/information.

In August 2019 Ovarian Cancer Australia united with the Australian New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) and The Australian Society of Gynaecologic Oncologists (ASGO) and over 50 researchers and clinicians from the sector to work on refining and refreshing the National Action Plan. A refined National Action Plan ensures we as a collective can pave the best way forward for the disease. We want to ensure that all women with ovarian cancer are at the heart of this five-year plan and given the opportunity to shape its direction.

Ovarian Cancer Australia also announced a $1 million funding contribution to support the priorities identified in the National Action Plan which includes a $900,000 funding partnership between Ovarian Cancer Australia and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.


For more information please download our Annual Report.