We provide face to face support groups in three capital cities as a way to connect women living with ovarian cancer across the country with each other.  Support groups are open and are facilitated by staff and volunteers.  All current support groups are in metropolitan locations – find out more about upcoming support groups.

Many women find meeting with other women in a similar situation helps them realise their responses are ‘normal’ and that other women are going through similar experiences. One participant said “Support groups can increase your feeling of control and make you feel less alone”

Evidence shows that people who join a group suffer less anxiety, feel less isolated and are better able to cope with cancer and its side effects. Another participant said “How surprised she was by how much strength she has gained from being part of the support group”

Attending support groups can also be a good opportunity to learn more about your own situation and strategies for dealing with the challenging times, but to also socially share the support of other women.  We are always extending the invitation for newly diagnosed women to join us, however the group is open to women at any stage of their cancer journey.

  • Melbourne – Meets monthly in Melbourne CBD.
  • Sydney – Meets monthly in Sydney CBD.
  • Perth – Meets monthly in Shenton Park.

Ovarian Cancer Australia holds monthly national Tele-Support phone groups for two different groups each month, one for women who have more recently experienced initial diagnosis and treatment for ovarian cancer, and the other for women dealing with a recurrence.

  • The Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond tele-support group is held on the third Monday of each month at 2pm (AEST).
  • The tele-support group for women with a recurrence of ovarian cancer is held on the second Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm (AEST).

Learn more about our Tele-Support groups here.

For program details, location or further information, please email us or call us on our helpline – 1300 660 334.

Finding the best support group for your needs can sometimes take a little bit of research. Remember that you can attend a group at any stage after your diagnosis with ovarian cancer and you can ‘trial’ a group to see if it’s the right fit for you. There are also a number of support groups run by other organisations and/or individuals that might suit. You can search for the most suitable support group by contacting the Cancer Council in your respective state on 13 11 20.