A diagnosis of ovarian cancer usually leaves you, your family and friends with many unanswered questions.

Ovarian Cancer Australia has a range of support resources to empower you with the information you need, answer many of your questions, and provide you with links to other sources of information and to a wider support community.

Resilience Kit

The Resilience Kit is a free support guide for women with an ovarian cancer diagnosis, with 230 pages of up-to-date, evidence based information on all aspects of living with ovarian cancer

OCA Connect Forum

The Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect online forum gives you access to a community of compassionate and supportive women who have been affected by ovarian cancer.

Support groups

OCA’s health professional-led support groups are held in locations around the country. Many women find it helpful to meet and share experiences with women in a similar situation

Tele-Support Group

Our facilitated tele-support group meetings provide an opportunity for women to connect with other women experiencing a similar situation and gain information about treatment and wellbeing.

Teal Support Program

The Teal Support Program supports women with ovarian cancer throughout their diagnosis, treatment and beyond. The program provides continuity of care and focuses on areas where there are unmet needs.

Family and Friends

Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer is a difficult time for women, but also for her family and friends. Ovarian Cancer Australia offers a range of support services for carers, family and friends to help them navigate this challenging time.

Useful links

Links to a range of organisations around Australia that offer additional information and support options related to ovarian cancer.


A range of fact sheets on topics including early menopause, chemotherapy, complementary therapies.


Ovarian Cancer Australia delivers regular free webinars throughout the year to educate, inform and support women living with ovarian cancer and their families.

For more information and guidance, please call our Information & Referral line on 1300 660 334 or email our support team.

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