What is the Teal Support Program? 

The Teal Support Program supports women with ovarian cancer throughout their diagnosis, treatment and beyond. The program provides continuity of care and focuses on areas where there are unmet needs. The nurses will keep in contact with women taking part in the program via phone or video conference. The program is a way of providing holistic care for a patient, their partner, carers and family through regular communication, and the use of available resources, to manage the physical, social and psychological needs of patients.

Who are Teal Support Program team?

The team are employed by OCA. They are all trained oncology/ gynaecological nurses with years of experience caring for women with ovarian cancer. The nurses are based in Melbourne and will support women across Australia using telehealth. There will be no face to face service. The team will have access to a social worker and a counselling service to refer women to, if needed. The service will be available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm AEST. It is expected that we will have capacity to support over 400 women living with ovarian cancer over the 3 years this program will run.

How does it work? 

For women taking part in the program, your cancer support nurse will work closely with your specialised health services and link back to your treating medical team. The program will become an extension of your treating medical team. We feel confident the program will prevent you from feeling isolated and unsupported. The cancer support nurses will be able to relay information to your medical team and gain guidance for you about the best way to support and treat you. 

How can women access The Teal Support Program? 

The Teal Support Program is particularly suited to women with ovarian cancer due to the complex, challenging nature of the disease (rare cancer, low survival rate, high recurrence rate and the resulting sense of isolation, anxiety/depression, and fear of recurrence).

Clinicians can identify women who they believe will require more care. Any woman can be referred at any point in their journey. Referral time points that work well are at MDT review, prior to completing active treatment or clinical trials. Clinicians can ask women if they want to participate in OCA’s Teal Support Program and are willing to pass on their contact details to us. The clinician can then simply email the woman’s details to: care@ovariancancer.net.au or phone: 1300 660 334. We will then contact them. Women can also self-refer to the program.

For further information or to take part in this program, please contact an OCA support nurse on 1300 660 334 or email care@ovariancancer.net.au.