This February, for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Ovarian Cancer Australia is urging Australians to recognise the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer through #KnowAskAct.

KNOW the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

ASK for help if you have symptoms or ask others if they know the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

ACT by hosting an Afternoon Teal or donating so we can continue to support women with ovarian cancer.

The four key symptoms of ovarian cancer are:

  • Abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating
  • The need to urinate often or urgently
  • Feeling full after eating only a small amount

This year it is estimated 1,580 Australian women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a further 1047 women will die from the disease. With no early detection test, it is essential that women know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, and their family history. To help you with #KnowAskAct, we’ve created an infographic that highlights important information about ovarian cancer. Click here to download a copy.