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    Dear Sioux

    Just like you , I was diagnosed November 2017 and from then on everything has changed . Tests, surgery and chemotherapy followed , I don’t know how to go on with it but guess what I have finished my last treatment 6th April and feeling very blessed to have done it. It is very scary for all of us but as they say we have to keep a…[Read more]

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    I was diagnosed stage 1c . I had surgery and then started my treatment . Please feel free to ask anytime and we would all gladly help and just know you are not alone .


  • anne replied to the topic Hi I am susan in the forum Say Hi Here! 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi Susan

    Welcome to the group . I was diagnosed November 2017 and had just started my treatment . I just finished my second one last 12 Jan from my total of 6. Just like you I was so anxious and could not sleep before my first and was crying most of the time.  But guess what I passed it , I am taking the paclitaxel and carboplatin.  Because of t…[Read more]

  • Hi Alice

    Thank you for your message and hope you had a lovely new year. I finished my second treatment Friday and so far I am ok , resting on my fourth day today . I cannot seem to find it easy to sleep . Any tips on your meditation and preparations ?


  • Hi Annette

    Hope you are feeling much better now.

    Sorry to hear that you will be away when your kids go to school but you are right it needs to be done and the good thing is you know that after the surgery you will have good results. I have had so many surgeries that I may have been used to it.  Plan what you have to do before surgery because…[Read more]

  • Hi Brianna

    I was touched by your message and indeed you are not alone . We are here to support each other any which way we can. Like you I had my surgery 21 nov after being diagnosed stage 1c . I started my first chemo yesterday so I am on day 2 now and so far have still the energy and I am taking advantage of it. I very much try and see the…[Read more]

  • Hi Lyn

    I have treatments at Newcastle. Finished my very first yesterday and thank God it went well , so far no reaction and I did try the scalp cooling which I tolerated as well . I felt good and hopefully Day 2 as well based from your experience .

    Yes whenever you are free , understand it’s the holiday season now and everyone is busy.

    Thanks…[Read more]

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    Hi everyone

    It feels good to know that we can be there for each other at a difficult time in our lives and find comfort in each other.

    Hi Lyn

    I am actually  in Maitland area as well so I may take up your offer one day although I start treatment tomorrow so I may need some rest depending on how everything goes.




  • Hi Ros

    Thank you for the encouraging words. It is really good to know that you all understand what everyone is going through here.


  • Thank you Sirin for that lovely message. Yes we are lucky that chemotherapy now is different and we can take medications to at least ease the effects. I just am feeling nervous but I always try to have a positive outlook . I can already feel that this forum where all ladies share is really helping me go through this. Would love to hear from all of…[Read more]

  • Hi to all

    I am Anne and I recently had a surgery and will start chemotherapy this Thursday. I want to try to get support from you ladies who know what I am going through. It has been a tough 5 weeks for me after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 1c. I try my best to see the light in this but sometimes I feel so sad and alone and mostly…[Read more]

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