• Hi Karen – you know what I got most out of your response??!!  That you had treatment 4 years ago!!!  Yea you!!  I have chemo brain, and my family are being very polite, but its hard being so vague sometimes!!   YES  i have spoken to my Oncologist, no real help as he has not had this issue before…



  • Hi everyone, I have read on some blogs from overseas about people who have developed some ‘arthritis’ style symptoms after having their chemo.  After 6 treatments I have developed pain in my joints… it started as a small pain in my right hand thumb joint, then for ease of explanation has increased and progressed to joints from there – almost…[Read more]

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    Hi Joan, I was at stage 3c in April 2018, and was told to ‘go and live your life’…. 4 years seems great so far (I didn’t believe I had that long)   I now see years of the treatments ahead that I will have to live and manage each and every day like you are suggesting… I think that the side effects are the worst. My family have been super, but i…[Read more]

  • I think ‘Dear Cancer’  is hilarious – because its not really a dear thing to me. I have lost both parents to cancer, 3 aunts and uncles and was ecstatic to pass my mothers passing age of 42 and have no signs.   At 48.9 I was diagnosed at stage 3c -ovarian/ fallopian tube cancer (primary site was uncertain).  I guess my short poem would be…[Read more]

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