• oh nikki

    you make me feel better, and how I wish I could find some me time but it seems that due to mu home situation if I am not working I am minding the grandchildren for my daughter ( I have a special bond with my 9 year old grandson) so that she can make ends meet too. I am looking for a hobbie to do for me around the kids activities   I…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your kind words. I have finished the treatment today but no one here even asked how I might feel. I feel on my own to fight with no back up and sort of angry that I only have the ugly sister of cancer and all the help goes to breast cancer. I won’t know now til March what might be available to me to keep this fight going and at this…[Read more]

  • hi

    I am just about to have the last treatment of my fourth round of chemotherapy. I’ve been at this including a trial of olaporib which gave me a two year break from actual Chemo.

    Dont get me wrong but the longer this goes on the less support I seem to get I think I have just been sick for too long and my family’s forgotten and just don’t ask…[Read more]

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    • Hello Dear
      i saw your profile and became interested in you, my name is Harriata i am working with united nation, i will like to have a friend like you,
      i have something to share with you, please email me through (hariattahester@hotmail.com) for more information about me, i will check my mail to know if you have contacted me because i am working…[Read more]

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