• Hi Elly,

    Unfortunately, I can’t give you any personal advice re the public system as I was treated privately.  However, from what I understand (at least where I live in country Vic), is that your case is discussed by a team of oncologists who will determine the best course of action for you.  It is also my understanding (depending on the size o…[Read more]

  • Hi Elly,

    It is absolutely understandable that you are worried about chemo.  It’s not an easy thing to get your head around.  🙁

    I started chemo about 4 weeks post surgery and was scared witless prior to commencing.  My surgeon wanted me to start earlier, but it wasn’t feasible from a logistics perspective.  Your medical professionals cannot for…[Read more]

  • Hi Elly,

    Welcome to the forum!  I’m sure that you are felling overwhelmed at the moment and I hope that my story may answer a couple of your questions.

    My diagnosis, back in 2014, was not dissimilar to yours… stage 1c, clear cell carcinoma, found during surgery to remove mass and have hysterectomy, where everything was removed.  My maligancy w…[Read more]

  • Hi Maureen,

    Sorry to hear that you having a rough time at the moment.

    Whilst I have not experienced a bowel obstruction, I have had doctors who thought I did and have to say that it wasn’t a pleasant experience!  I have also been on low fibre diets for other reasons, but usually only for a short time and in preparation for a medical procedure…[Read more]

  • karen replied to the topic First Chemo Today in the forum Say Hi Here! 8 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Angela,

    Welcome to the forum.  You will find a lot of information here!!  Is there anything in particular you’d like to know??

    A little about me….. I was diagnosed back in September 2014.  Had a hysterectomy and removal of tumour, followed by 6 months of chemo! (Taxol & Carboplatin) I’m happy to say that there is no evidence of di…[Read more]

  • Hi Sandra,

    Yes, the grandkids are wonderful and certainly keep up on our toes.

    I’ve finished active treatment, so don’t have any advise re the magnesium.  Hopefully someone else who does take it will see your post and respond.

    Thanks for the meme’s… I can relate to most of them.  🙂

    Also, I’ve sent you a private message…

    Have a lovely day!


  • Hi Claire,

    My treatment regime included carboplatin/paclitaxel and whilst I didn’t have the symptoms that you describe, I did have others… fatigue being the most prominent one.  As every person is different and responds to treatment in different ways, I guess it’s safe to say I was one of the fortunate ones.

    Have you spoken to your medical…[Read more]

  • Hi Sandra,

    So wonderful to hear from you and to hear that you are doing well!

    Sorry to hear that your infusion nurses are not the nicest of people.  Sounds to me like they are in the wrong profession.  I love your idea about the Thank You sign.  Perhaps it will help them to reconsider their attitudes.

    I have not been as active on the forum as…[Read more]

  • Hi Karen,

    What an awful thing to be told so close to Christmas!  My initial thought after reading your post was that until they have tried the Paclitaxil, how can they be so certain of the prognosis?  Perhaps your cancer will respond well to the planned treatment.  Is it possible for you to get a second opinion??

    Also, please keep in mind tha…[Read more]

  • karen replied to the topic Hello! I’m Julie. in the forum Say Hi Here! 1 year, 4 months ago

    Hello Julie,

    Welcome!  I am sure you are feeling very overwhelmed with everything going on at the moment.  It’s great that you were able to find this forum useful and more importantly, calming.

    My situation was similar to yours, everything happened within a few weeks back in 2014 and I’m happy to say I am still doing okay following surgery and 1…[Read more]

  • karen replied to the topic Hope? in the forum Say Hi Here! 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi Karen,

    My name is also Karen, welcome to the forum.

    I was diagnosed with Clear cell carcinoma (stage 1c) in Sept 2014 and am still here to tell the story. (It must be a “Karen” thing.) I’m sorry that you are having such a hard time.. and having suffered a stroke at the same time as dealing with chemo would have been such a shock!

    I live in…[Read more]

  • Hi cmci1907,

    Firstly, you are not alone!!  There are many, many women on this forum that have had similar feelings to yours, myself included.

    Coming to the end of active treatment can be a daunting time.  You go from a flurry of appointments with various medical professionals, to virtually nothing.  And it can be scary, especially when you fee…[Read more]

  • Hi Elaine,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I was diagnosed back in 2014 and although I did not have stage 3, I am still very much alive!  I run a support group for those touched by ovarian cancer in my town and I can tell you that there are a number of women who have been living with this disease for many, many years.  I met one lady who was 84 years o…[Read more]

  • Hi ecraftybean,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I was diagnosed back in 2014 and although I did not have stage 3, I am still very much alive!  I run a support group for those touched by ovarian cancer in my town and I can tell you that there are a number of women who have been living with this disease for many, many years.  I met one lady who was 84 ye…[Read more]

  • karen replied to the topic Unmoored in the forum Anything Recurrence 2 years, 2 months ago

    “If it makes you happy, do it.”  I LOVE this Nikki!



  • Hi Tanya,

    Welcome to the forum!  You will find lots of people here that have similar stories to yours and who also understand you and your feelings.

    Firstly, congratulations on being well and cancer free.  Whilst I am sure you feel relieved, you may also feel moments of anxiousness and fear.  I know I do!

    I was diagnosed in Sept 2014, had su…[Read more]

  • Hi Claire,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Firstly, please don’t feel like a fraud for coming here to ask questions and seek advice.  There’s nothing wrong with being forearmed, especially under these circumstances!

    I think that the first question I would ask is, how will the biopsies be done and how long will it take to get the results back?  Until y…[Read more]

  • Hi Liz,

    Hope you are doing okay.

    In response to your question “I was wondering how long after Surgery [ hysterectomy and the debulking] do they normally start chemotherapy again?” as with any treatment it really does depend on your individual circumstances, how well you recover from the surgery and of course the results of the blood tests you…[Read more]

  • Hi Liz,

    Welcome to the forum.  Am very sorry to hear about your diagnosis and can understand your frustration around the way your medical team are treating you.  It can make a very stressful time, infinitely worse!  I speak from experience.

    You will find lots of useful information here on the forum and on the Ovarian Cancer Australia website.  T…[Read more]

  • karen replied to the topic Hi I am Sharon in the forum Say Hi Here! 2 years, 4 months ago

    Hi Marj,

    Welcome to the forum! You will find lots of interesting people to connect with, some who will have had similar experiences to you and others who have had very different experiences. You will notice that I have highlighted the words similar and different and with good reason.  To put it simply, just like no two people are identical in…[Read more]

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