• Dear Churchmouse,

    I became rather stiff like you.  A friend recommended I try Turmerix powder (a food/herb supplement).  As it is not chemical, I thought it worth a try and the change in my movement was obvious and visible after about 5 days.  After 10 days I could ‘boogie’ again!  Walking down stairs – no problem.  Getting in and out of cars…[Read more]

  • So disheartening when it recurs.  I’ve had 10 months without needing treatment, but now have some nodules at the back of the abdomen, so start chemo on Wednesday with a different recipe.  This is carboplatin (which I had before) and Caelyx.  Had anyone had good results (or bad side effects) with Caelyx?  If  I respond to this after 3 months, I ma…[Read more]

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    Hello Narelle.  What an awful shock it is to be told the worst.    I got that verdict in March last year.  I had aggressive surgery and chemo, but can report that it seems to have worked (to date, anyway).  You’ll get there.  I focused on a plan for the next year, and I achieved it!  I am still feeling quite OK.  You’ll get through too, I’m sur…[Read more]

  • Dee Dee and Quilty – I had a radical hysterectomy, ooestomy, debulk, removal of 4″ bowel (where it had grabbed on) this time last year. After about a month, I was started on weekly infusions of Paclitaxel and Carboplatin, for about 6 months.  I did have various infections, and a face rash, but no nausea or fatigue.  Then I was started on Be…[Read more]

  • Dionne, I agree with what Helen has said.  I was terrified of the surgery, but have survived months of weekly chemo and am now on an inhibitor for another 4 months.  They said a weaker mix weekly works better than a big dose every 3 weeks.  Well in my case it seems to have worked.

    I found that when friends visited, it gave me much more to th…[Read more]

  • <p>So scary isn’t it?  I had radical surgery last April.  I would just say to remember they have to tell you the worst scenario, but then you have to hope for better.   In my case I was terrified, but no, I did not have to have a bag, or a stoma, although I was warned both were possibilities.   You must be much younger than me if you are still…[Read more]

  • Thanks Helen.  I met you briefly out at McKellar Ridge once.  Have a pleasant Xmas and a “healthy (as possible}” 2018.   If I ever have to have chemo again, I fear I would become very depressed.  But I have to tell myself that it’s better than the alternative!

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for remembering me, Helen.  Now that I get treated only every 3 weeks, we dashed away to King Valley with friends and also to the coast at Tabourie Lake, so I haven’t been keeping up with the forum.

    At last my eyelashes grew back, but the hair seems very slow.  I always had baby fine hair.  It looks darker and is only about an inch lo…[Read more]

  • Thanks Sharon.  I too find this site difficult to navigate.  I was given some rose hip oil, and that really helped.   However all cleared up as soon as I finished the chemo (about 6 weeks ago).  I used a lot of concealer!  Perhaps my body was trying to get rid of the “poison” by pushing it out through my skin!

  • Thanks Helen.  Mine seems to be growing back.  It’s about 1/2 inch all over.  Too fine to see yet, but I think it’s gone white, when it used to be brown with silver streaks.  It’s been 4 1/2 weeks since my last chemo, but I wouldn’t be game not to wear a scarf or wig for a while yet.   Can’t stand the look myself and don’t want to frighten the n…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know a hairdresser who can do something when my hair gets long enough to do something with?

    I have done 6 rounds of chemo, finished a month ago and now it is starting to grow, but I believe it takes quite some months to get presentable.  I had dark brown hair, with silver stripes, but I think it is now white.

    Maybe someone…[Read more]

  • Sharon, any hints about a face rash? ie hives?  I’ve had it for months now.  Maybe that didn’t happen to you.  As well, I now have a cold sore on my lip – very painful.

  • Not sure this is where I reply, but Helen asked about my Bevakizumab treatment. (Common name:  Avastin).  I believe it tries to stop regrowth by cutting off the blood supply to the little nasties if (when) they try to reform.

    I’m to have this every 3rd week for 9 months4, but I feel like my hobbles are off, because it’s been weekly treatment f…[Read more]

  • Just finished 6 rounds of weekly chemo.  Start on 3 weekly Bevacizumab next week for 9 months. I had a radical hysterectomy back in April, plus extras.  I find your forum interesting and informative.  I didn’t suffer nausea or fatigue, but had many other reactions – infections, rashes, neutropenic, you name it.   I started an Exercise Physi…[Read more]

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