• I only finished my last chemo last week, yet to get my scan, and I had breathlessness too. Just small things like walking to the letterbox or down to feed the chickens, would really take it out of me. My oxygen levels were good too. I also heard it was common as it was one of the many questions I was asked by the nurses every week prior to chemo…[Read more]

  • Hi Ladies, I am wanting to change my facebook profile picture during the month of Feb to promote OC awareness month. Do you have any images/badges that promote Ovarian Cancer Australia and OC awareness month February? I googled some images online but nothing that particularly says anything about February. Is it pssible to put an image on the FB…[Read more]

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    Hi ladies. Thank you all for the lovely messages of support. So nice to know we are not alone in our journeys.  I am on day 2 of being home from surgery. Feeling bit sore but managing pain and just trying to stay as comfortable as possible. Spent 10 days in hospital. Five nights were in ICU also required 4 blood transfusions as haemoglobin levels…[Read more]

  • Great post Nikki! Thank you for sharing. This time next week I will be recovering in hospital. I shall be sure to add to this list too, after my experience, for anyone else who may need the information.

    Did you have an epidural for pain? I am just as nervous about the epidural as I am about the surgery, how silly is that.

    Cheers, Nicole

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    Thank you Christine xx

    Nikki, I appreciate your assistance and shall be sure to take you up on that offer should I have any questions. Thank you very much xx

  • Hi Rachelt, thank you for the suggestion for the massage mat, I might look into that. I dont mind being on my back in hospital as the beds are surprisingly comforatable and height adjustable both ends where I go, but is a different story at home, especially if you want to try to prop yourself up a bit to watch TV etc I am imagining.

  • Hello everyone, I have enjoyed reading through the posts and think its about time I should introduce myself. I am 46 years old, maried, was full time employed as an office manager (still trying to do 3-4 days a week depending on how I am feeling), and mum to Jack 7 years. I was diagnosed in May this year with stage 3C ovarian cancer which has…[Read more]

  • I found my Resilliance Kit very useful. Especially as I ordered it very early after my diagnosis. My gynaecological oncologist was very impressed when he saw it too and he has helped me fill in some of the fields. It is very important for me to be organised, it is just my nature, and as this is something that helps me keep everything in the one…[Read more]

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