• Hi all

    I am five years cancer free today!

    I am so grateful to my medical team and the support of OCA. Here’s to the next five.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Sarahaj

    Its understandable that you are scared and the waiting is so hard. We are here for you for support anytime.

    My blood tests for the tumour marker have always come back in the normal range even when I had a 7cm tumour. Mine was caught early and I only had to have surgery. I hope for the same for your mum.

    Ovarian cancer (if that is…[Read more]

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    Hi Faye

    How are you feeling now? Have they found an alternative chemo that suits you?

    Its so hard in the early days, so much to take in mentally when your body is trying to heal. We are here to help and walk with you.

    Best wishes





  • Hi Purplewillow.

    I went through similar at 45. I put up with the flushes but the mood swings – wow – I thought someone was going to die (not me 😉 ) My gynae recommended an anti-depressant. I’m 49 now and all is good – occasionally I get a warm wash over but nothing like it was at first and so far I haven’t murdered anyone! Surgically induced m…[Read more]

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