A diagnosis of ovarian cancer usually leaves you, your family and friends with many unanswered questions.

Ovarian Cancer Australia has a range of support resources to empower you with the information you need, answer many of your questions, and provide you with links to other sources of information and to a wider support community.

For general information about ovarian cancer, types and stages of ovarian cancer, treatment options and wellbeing click here.

Our support resources include: Resilience kit – a free resource for women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The Resilience kit is accompanied by a DVD featuring interviews with women with ovarian cancer and health professionals about diagnosis, treatment and support. Order one here.

Consumer Forum – Question and Answer Session: In May 2016, Ovarian Cancer Australia hosted a consumer forum, supported by Astra Zeneca. Click here to view the consumer forum program and click here to watch Q&As with Professor Clare Scott, Professor David Bowtell, Associate Professor Alison Trainer, Danielle Carpenter & Hayley Russell, and Ovarian Cancer Australia Chief Executive Jane Hill. Click here to watch Consumer Forum attendees and presenters talking about the event.

Online Forum – Our Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect online forum gives you access to a community of compassionate and supportive women who have been affected by ovarian cancer; click here to explore Ovarian Cancer Australia Connect further.

Information sheets – a range of fact sheets on topics including early menopause, chemotherapy, complementary therapies.

Family & friends – a booklet specifically for carers, family and friends that provides practical tips and suggestions to help them cope. Click here to download the booklet.

Our support program and services include:

Support groups – held in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Many women find it helpful to meet and share experiences with women in a similar situation. For more information see Support Groups.

Tele-support group – a monthly information and support group held over the phone, enabling all women to join, whatever their location. To register to be a part of our tele-support group, click here.

Links to other support organisations – links to a range of organisations around Australia that offer additional information and support options related to ovarian cancer can be found here: Additional Information.

Books – a list of books on the topic of ovarian cancer and coping with cancer. See Additional Information.

For information regarding upcoming forums and information sessions please contact us on 1300 660 334 or email.