Why fundraise for Ovarian Cancer Australia?

Ovarian Cancer Australia’s fundraisers are a core part of our community. Through the amazing contribution our fundraisers make, we are able to continue our work providing support services to those impacted by the disease, raise awareness of the signs and symptoms, advocating on issues around it and funding research into new and innovative treatments.

Fundraising is a great excuse to catch up with friends.

What can I do?

There are countless ways to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Australia. You can find some fundraising ideas here. If you have any queries about how your idea might translate into a fundraiser, or you would just like to talk through your idea with OCA, please email us.

How do I register?

Registration is easy; you just need to fill out the form on this page. Please ensure you include your postal address in the address box. The personal message section is for if you would like to send the page link out to be people, and we recommend you include information on why and how you are fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Australia. You will be sent an automated fundraising link as confirmation that we have received your form. If you do not receive this page, please email our fundraising team or call our helpline on 1300 660 334.

What is my fundraising page and how do I use it?

Your fundraising page is created automatically upon successful registration of your event. The page allows for credit card donations to your event, so it’s very useful to be able to email it or share it on social media. People who donate via your page will be receipted automatically.

It is also useful to encourage people who are unable to attend your fundraising page to donate via the link.

I need to edit my page, how do I do this?

Unfortunately, fundraisers are unable to edit their page once it has been created. You will need to email any changes to our fundraising team.

I would like my event promoted, how do I do this?

Ovarian Cancer Australia may be able to promote your fundraising event on our social media channels and highlight it on our website. If you would like this for your event, please email our fundraising team.

How do attendees to my event receive receipts?

All donations over $2 to Ovarian Cancer Australia are elligible for a tax deductible receipt as long as the donor has not received anything in return. If they have donated using their credit card via your fundraising page, they will be receipted automatically via email. Alternatively, if they donate to your event using cash and would like a receipt, we require you to record their full name, email and the amount they have donated. Either before or after your event you will need to ask Ovarian Cancer Australia for your group donation form. This is an online form; by taking the time to fill the form out yourself you are saving us costs and time administration time associated with receipting.

How can I sell merchandise at my event?

Unfortunately, Ovarian Cancer Australia is unable to provide merchandise on consignment. If you would like to purchase merchandise to use at your event, please contact our helpline on 1300 660 334 or email our fundraising team.


How can I become a community ambassador?

If you’d like to become a community ambassador, please email our team.