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Tele-Support – National phone based -Newly diagnosed & Recurrence

OCA hold monthly Tele-Support phone meetings for two different groups each month, these are national phone based support groups, one for newly diagnosed women and the other for women dealing with a recurrence.

  • The tele-support group “Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond” is held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.
  • The tele-support group meetings for women with a recurrence of ovarian cancer are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Our facilitated tele-support group meetings provide an opportunity for women to connect with other women experiencing a similar situation, gain information about diagnosis and treatment, and learn about other support options.

OCA provides this service to help reduce the isolation and distress felt by women diagnosed with ovarian cancer across Australia; as statistics show that women living in rural, remote and very remote areas find it far more difficult to access support and information.

This is a toll free number which enables equity of access, regardless of where you live in Australia and the groups are facilitated by OCA Support team members.

To register – please call 1300 660 334 or email [email protected]

“Thank you for referring me through to your telesupport service, it has connected me to women who have walked a similar path to me and these sessions give me great comfort” (Telesupport Group Member)

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