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What is Ovarian Cancer

May 31, 2016

In this webinar Associate Professor David Bowtell explains what ovarian cancer is, providing an in-depth understanding that covers the biology of the disease, how it initiates and spreads, how it affects different groups, and its implications.

This webinar also features Robyn Dennis, who shares her personal story of living with ovarian cancer.

Genetics & Family History

August 29, 2016

In this webinar clinical geneticist Associate Professor Alison Trainer, from Peter McCullum’s Familial Cancer Centre, discusses what we know about the link between genetics and some types of ovarian cancer, and how this might apply to women living with ovarian cancer and their access to genetic testing.

Dr Trainer explains the genetic testing process, the possible implications to consider when undertaking testing, and future possibilities for genetic testing for cancer patients.

This webinar also features Kristin Young who has been living with Ovarian Cancer for more than six years. Kristin shares her personal experience of ovarian cancer, genetic testing and how this has impacted her and her family.

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