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Genetics and Ovarian Cancer

June 19, 2019

Up to 20% of epithelial ovarian cancers are thought to be the result of inheriting a faulty gene from either side of the family. Therefore, many women who have ovarian cancer or who have a relative with ovarian cancer want to have genetic testing to find out if the cancer may be hereditary. This webinar provides information about Genetics and ovarian cancer, including the importance of genetic testing and who should be tested, the process and costs involved in genetic testing and who to contact if you are interested in having genetic testing.

In this webinar, we hear from Associate Professor Marion Harris, a medical oncologist and cancer geneticist who is the Director of the Familial Cancer Centre at Monash Health. Associate Professor Harris discusses the medical aspects of genetics and ovarian cancer and the potential outcomes and implications of genetic testing.

Ms Megan Cotter, a Certified Genetic Counsellor with over 7 years’ clinical experience who has a special interest in familial cancer and neurogenetics, provides an overview of genetics and ovarian cancer and talks about the process of genetic testing and how eligibility for genetic testing is assessed.

We also hear from Ms Christine Christie, who sought genetic testing after discovering her father carried the BRCA 1 gene and discovered she has the BRCA 1 gene. Ms Christie discovered she had ovarian cancer after having preventative surgery. She shares her experience and why genetic testing has been so important to her.

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