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PARP Inhibitors And Ovarian Cancer

December 8, 2016

In this webinar Professor Jonathan Ledermann shares his extensive expertise in the area of PARP inhibitors and ovarian cancer. Professor Ledermann discusses why progress in treatment of advanced ovarian cancer has been poor, looks at the history and landscape of PARP inhibitors, and reviews the early results that led to the pivotal trial that resulted in the licensing of Olaparib including updated survival data

This webinar also features Kristin Young, who shares her experience of living with ovarian cancer and participating in the clinical trials for Olaparib.

Clinical Trials & Research

July 26, 2016

In this webinar we share information about ovarian cancer clinical trials: what they are, how they work and where women living with ovarian cancer can find out more.

The webinar outlines drug approval – what it is, who it will be listed for and who pays – where trials are heading and progress made in the area of ovarian cancer prevention.

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