Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS)

In partnership with the Peter MacCallum Foundation, the AOCS has been supported with $900,000 in matched funding over three years to provide unique biospecimen resources linked to clinical outcomes for researchers worldwide. The AOCS consistently delivers high impact research and is a validated model for research consortiums. In a world first, the AOCS classified ovarian cancer disease subtypes to enable to identification of improved, targets medicines. The research produced from the AOCS is highly translatable.

Ovarian Cancer Australia PhD Scholarship

In collaboration with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Ovarian Cancer Australia co-funds a PhD scholarship to help train the next generation of MD PhDs. The first scholarship recipient’s, Dr Valerie Heong’s, work has led to the validation of a new target for treatment, leading to an international clinical trial.


OCELIS has seen the development of a bank of improved and high quality experimental models for ovarian cancer researchers worldwide to test new treatments. By kickstarting OCELIS, OCA ahs enabled the development of a crucial resource that has now grown to a consortium involving over 10 research organisations internationally, and sustainability via industry support.