World Ovarian Cancer Day is Tuesday 8 May 2018

Each year on 8 May, women living with ovarian cancer, their families and supporters, along with patient advocacy organizations from around the world, come together to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD) – an initiative of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition – is the one day of the year we all raise our voices in solidarity across the world in the fight against this disease.  In 2017, the World Ovarian Cancer Day awareness campaign reached over 400,000 people, with supporters from nearly 50 different countries and 40 different languages taking part.

Currently, more than 600,000 women around the world are living with ovarian cancer, and 230,000 more will be diagnosed each year.

Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in its late stages, because there is no early detection test (the pap test does not detect ovarian cancer) and symptoms are often confused with symptoms of other less severe illnesses, particularly gastrointestinal complaints.

Five-year ovarian cancer survival rates vary around the world, ranging from 30% to 45%. By comparison, five-year survival rates for women with breast cancer range from 80% to 90%.

Ovarian cancer is overlooked and underfunded – yet every woman in the world is at risk of developing this disease.

Find out more at the World Ovarian Cancer Day website.

You can make a difference!

Buy and wear a teal ribbon

When you wear a teal ribbon, you’re not only showing your support and raising awareness – you’re helping Ovarian Cancer Australia to save lives and ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

Host an Afternoon Teal

Become a Host for Hope! Bring your family, friends and colleagues together for a fun event to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and funds to save lives and support women.

Make a donation

Your generous gift will make a meaningful contribution to specialised supports for women and their families, awareness raising campaigns and high-impact research programs.

Share messages of awareness online

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