Each year in Australia 1,600 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and in most cases, the cancer will be at an advanced stage where it is very difficult to treat.

That is why Ovarian Cancer Australia is committed to ensuring that every Australian knows more about ovarian cancer and its early symptoms. But we need your support to achieve this goal.

Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer has a profound impact on the woman, and on her family and friends. Suddenly every part of their lives is turned upside down — everything changes. Everyone who is affected by ovarian cancer needs to feel personally supported and have access to the latest information about treatment and research.

There are many ways you can help us provide support to women, raise awareness and drive change for future generations. Read more at the links below or email fundraising@ovariancancer.net.au to find out more.


Your gift of any size makes a meaningful contribution to our work saving lives and supporting women.

In Celebration

An ‘in celebration’ donation is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a woman living with ovarian cancer.

In Memorium

An ‘in memorium’ donation is a meaningful way to remember someone special and support OCA.


Leaving a gift to Ovarian Cancer Australia in your will can make a difference for future generations.