February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is held each year in Australia to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, to share the stories of real women affected by the disease, to highlight the risk factors for ovarian cancer and educate Australians on ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Ovarian cancer is still the deadliest women’s cancer.  Unfortunately, this has not changed in 30 years. Every day in Australia, four women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and three will die from the disease. In 2018, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month was about making a stand – it’s time for action.

You can take action during Awareness Month and beyond!


Share messages of awareness online

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Download and print the below A4 posters, take a snap of yourself holding one and post it to your social media profiles, along with a caption about what the word means to you!

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In 2018, Ovarian Cancer Australia will be taking action: 

  • Action for prevention programs: We will start the year working with a number of institutes on ovarian cancer prevention programs that will save lives.
  • Action for more high impact research: We will continue to advocate for increased funding into priority areas of high impact research set out in the National Action Plan for Ovarian Cancer Research and work to secure additional investment for critical research infrastructure such as the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study biobank.
  • Action towards better treatment: We will continue to support the Ovarian Cancer Clinical Registry being developed in partnership with Monash University.  This initiative will improve treatment outcomes for women giving them a longer and better quality of life.
  • Action towards greater awareness: We will invest more resources into creating awareness about the signs, symptoms and risk factors; driving our fundraising programs and; most importantly building awareness of our support resources amongst oncology health professionals.
  • Action for our Women: We will provide more support services for women living with ovarian cancer and the passionate families past and present who support them.


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